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Our Schools

See Joy & Hope in Action

Having helped build over 25 schools in 25 years, one thing we can say with certainty is that as hard as it is to build a school, it’s much, MUCH harder to keep it open. Such is life in a fourth world country!

Working with locals who are intent on strengthening their communities, The Joy and Hope of Haiti operates 11 schools, providing 299 teachers/staff and 4,759 students with the stability they need so they can teach and learn. In a country where most teachers don’t get paid (or get paid regularly), this is saying something!


Our schools comply with our transparent receipting template which ensures accountability. Every month, every teacher confirms in writing the amount they were paid. Their salary is a combination of parents’ paid tuition matched with Joy and Hope of Haiti support.


Because they are treated with the respect they deserve, our teachers are not quitting out of frustration. The kids, in turn, are increasingly completing their full academic careers. Although only about 40% of Haitian schools are certified, most of our schools have attained Haitian Department of Education certification. Passing the government-set exams means students graduating from our schools can attend another certified school upon graduation and pursue post-secondary education.

We’re all in this together; together we will change a nation!

Donate Today

With your help, we can make a child’s dream a reality and change their life forever. For as little as $15/month your donation will send one additional child to school. 

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