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St. Michele

Director: Pastor Gary Alcina
#Students: 430
#Staff: 26
Grades: Kindergarten to GR 12

In the aftermath of the 2010 earthquake, many churches were damaged. As a result, the Haitian Government mandated that schools must be separate from Church buildings. Subsequently, Joy and Hope of Hait helped fund the construction of this school. In 2023 we made a strategic decision to add this school to our Funding Model. This is a quote from the founder, Pastor and Director Garry Alcina

"Joy and Hope is bringing a great change within our institution. Many children who were on the street, now attend school. It is a work to be encouraged. Thank you, Joy and Hope, for your support to our school. Parents, students, teachers, school leaders can never thank you enough."

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With your help, we can make a child’s dream a reality and change their life forever. For as little as $15/month your donation will send one additional child to school. 

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