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About Haiti

The Pearl of the Antilles


In the 1700’s, Haiti was known as ‘The Pearl of the Antilles’, for its natural beauty and wealth of natural resources. Supporting this economy was a brutal slave culture. In 1804, after 13 years of war, Haiti won its independence and became the world’s first free Black Republic. Subsequently, France imposed a crippling ‘freedom tax’ upon Haiti. 


Over the next 120 years, over 80% of Haiti’s revenues were used to pay off this debt. When compounded by natural disasters and a repressive government, economic recovery is almost impossible.

Although today the country is predominantly Catholic in description, it’s reported that between 75-90 percent of Haitians practice voodoo, a mix of African spiritism and witchcraft. As recently as 2003, then President Jean-Bertrand Aristide advocated voodoo declaring, “An ancestral religion, voodoo is an essential part of the national identity.” Ironically, from the time of its freedom in 1804, Haiti has been in chains. In place of the one true God, Haiti has served the master of evil, lies and despair. An island of God’s bountiful sun does not know God’s Beloved Son and only faith-based support can return a once proud country to its former glory.

May God use the Joy and Hope of Haiti to reflect His light into the lives of these beautiful children. May these children then grow up to change their nation.
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